Friday, January 31, 2014

Cost of living in Korea - aka my year of money woes and peanut butter sandwichs

Go me, go me, go me me me!!!

Yet another vlog completed and uploaded!!

As promised it's part two of my "How to study/go to Korea" series!!

I cover the rough costs of living in Korea (per month), and break down the range most students would have to spend to survive! ^^


I have recorded not one, but TWO new videos!!!

I know!!

What a streak...! =O

I will edit them hopefully before Monday, and upload them during the coming week~~  Hopefully I will have time to finish them... Because I have to work all day on Sunday (Yay money! Less yay... Work...)... Plus iMovie is seriously THE MOST LAGGY program ever created in the face of lagginess.... Though iPhoto might give it some real competition - between the two of them it takes me around 2 hours to edit a simple 5 minute video. (read: not so simple - darn you stupid music sync!!)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to apply to study abroad in KOREA!!

I'm on a rolllllllllllll~~~
I'm surprising myself - never thought I'd make so many videos back to back..
(Ok 3 videos isn't exactly a whole lot - but compared to before...)

Anyway! Check out my new video on How to Apply to Study Abroad in Korea!!

I've received a ton of questions regarding my study abroad, so I decided to finally start filming a series of informative videos on the subject! *pats self on back* 
Besides... I guess it's about time, I've procrastinated from making this video for ages...  But I figure upon reflection how much of a pain it was to go through the process without much help online, that maybe this might be able to help a few students...? Hopefully...

Anyway, hope this video was useful! ^^

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Read Japanese Manga to learn Japanese!

I made yet another new video!!


I'm basically introducing a few manga that I bought in Japan~
The common theme between all of them all is being foreigners! Either gaijin in Japan or Japanese traveling to other countries - namely Korea.  

Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo is about a Japanese language teacher and her foreigner students studying Japanese in Japan, their cultural escapades and funny questions revolving around their life there (part time jobs, ninja fanatics, etc).  

My Darling is a foreigner is about an American husband and Japanese wife living in Japan.  His constant child-like wonder and curiosity *as well as slip-ups* is what drives the plot~

A Chinese Wife and an Otaku Husband is the reverse of my darling is a foreigner.  The wife is a gaijin from China, and she is depicted as being much younger and better looking than her spouse.  Similar theme of foreigner/cultural misunderstandings abound in this series.  Trials not just about her being foreign but also much younger and more attractive than her husband~

A Girl's Guide to Traveling Solo in Korea is about a young-ish Japanese woman traveling by herself in Korea!  It's kind of a guide book in manga form, lots of informative pages with the Korean terms with Japanese phonetic sounding and explanation of how to use them.  Half the book is in color and I found the book endearing and funny, many of its depictions about Korea were spot on. I would treat it more as a fun read than a one-stop guide though!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Youtube VIDEO!! 2000+ Subscribers~

Rare sunlight in Toronto~~ ^^

When I first started making videos on Youtube, I wasn't really sure where it was all heading - in fact I still don't.  I just knew I wanted to make videos, so I did.  Now a few years later and I've reached a milestone!! 2000 subscribers on my youtube channel! YAY!!  

...Ok...  I can't say I'm highly successful or even that popular - I get it.
I'm not.
There are tons of youtubers with a million zillion more subs than I have.  But I don't care!!  I'm still fairly happy with this achievement, because much like this blog, my youtube channel is kind of my way of showing that I can stick with things. I'm not a giver-upper!  So... Like a gold star "yay me" kind of thing I guess...?

Haha, anyway I digress!!

Here's the new video please check it out!

PS. I haven't been able to post replies on comments on my videos (except for this new one, WTF??)... Does anybody know how to remedy this? I've tried to search but nothing seems to work... fml... I heard it's part of the new youtube conspiracy to push everything to Google+ or something... *sigh*

I will try to post more videos too - just finished brainstorming up a short list of ideas! 

Wish me luck~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The longest hiatus..

Yep, long time no post - like seriously I think it's been over half a year (more actually...)..
I don't really have a good excuse other than being lazy or just simply too caught up living life instead of writing about it..
But that would be too simple eh?

Actually, on second thought I will try to explain my hiatus a bit... Basically I've just been going through a lot - by a lot I mean my imminent graduation from school *shudders*, applied to some things which if I am accepted may change my life forever dun dun dunnnnn!!!  As well as ongoing health ailments... I was actually in the emergency room again this summer. YAY! Surprise... ^^You know just the usual stuff.

The move back from Korea was hard, while it was tough living there at first I did finally get really comfortable there - to the point where I could speak with more or less ease too - imagine that!!  Of course now I'm settled back into Canadian routine, which for me means school + home + ... Not much of anything else, well ok, except for the occasional times I decide to stop being such a hokkomori (recluse) and actually hang out with my friends...  Can't say I don't try.

I haven't uploaded a new video on youtube either since Korea... Honestly it stresses me out - the not uploading part as well as the uploading part... I just don't know what I'm doing these days - I like to call it my quarter-life crisis, but I know better - it's more likely my everyday crisis aka. I have high levels of anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety, I think mine is getting better, what with all my ups and downs (Honestly mostly downs...) these past 2-3 years, I think I'm finally starting to mellow out... I know, I'm kinda in awe of myself too.  In short - I just don't give a crap about other peoples opinions quite as much anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I still care about people blah blah blah, but I think I'm slowing understanding that just relaxing and not letting the small things get to you might keep me alive just a little longer....  Or at least I hope... That's not to say I don't mess up and occasionally have small panic attacks - but baby steps, baby steps...

Anyway, I'll try to blog AND vlog more regularly again hopefully... Eg. at least once every month or two?  We'll see...

Mural I helped paint from my winter break job! Cute eh?

Made tons of japchae with my mom for a family gathering~

Homemade sugar cookies and frosting I made at my work during winter break~

Selfie time~~

Red lipstick - yay or nay? ^^b

Been trying out this new shampoo which has helped my hair look healthier I think, could just be the placebo effect though, hum hum hum.. 

Made some udon in cream sauce topped with poached egg and lamb for myself and a friend who came over to my place - dinner before we went out drinking~

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hello HONG KONG!! 2013~

 Hong Kong Money~
Super pretty and colorful~

 High up above, no matter how many times I fly, views like this amaze me!!

 SUPER nommy!! And original~  Who would have thought Mcdonalds..?  Why can't Canada have this too?? ='(

 Happy Meal pour moi~~ *forever young* ahaha~ 
Comes with an awesome Chibi Maruko-chan toy!!

 This was also nommy!! Super jelly that Hong Kong people have such a great Mcdonalds selection, LOL!

 You know my love for miniatures and turtles...
I bought 3!!  ALL different~~! #lucky
I can use them as props for my dolls too~~

 Fancy AND Historical!! The Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon~
Twas an amazing place~

 High Tea at the Peninsula~

Nice ceilings~~!

Oh hai~
Casually high teaing~~ ohohoho~
Traditional Desserts~~ Super yummy!
Sesame paste with mochi filled with sesame and sugar,
 and soft tofu with brown sugar!!

 Filling breakfast!! (and cheap!!)
Two types of congee, dough fritter wrapped in rice(?), fried noodles, and a cup of half HK-style milk tea and coffee!!

 #truth #yolo

 Apparently Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers out of all the cities in the world? Certainly seems so!!

 Haha! Cool.

 Ladies market!! So many souvenirs!!

 Omgosh! Super nommy chicken, I can't even!!
Also.. VEGETABLES!! I swear I don't get enough in Korea...

 Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea.. Is the best. Period.

 Ladies market~~

 So cute! So much want!

 Mong Kok~

 Avenue of Stars~
I'm chillin with Bruce Lee~~ =P

 Symphony of Lights!! 

 My fortune/prediction thingy?!

 ManMo Temple~!

 Fortune stick thingy!!

 HSBC Lions!!

 I bought a whole TON of dolly-sized furniture for my dolls...
Was super worth it though because it's so expensive online right???
#addicted #loveministuff #ladiesmarket

 Aboard the Star Ferry!
Reminds me of the old movie about Susie Wong, had to watch that movie for one of my classes at University~ =P


Needless to say, you can tell from my photos that my trip to Hong Kong was AMAZING!!!  It was super super super SUPER hot and humid however, and that was definitely a huge shock to me.  I don't think I've ever been in such humid weather in my life...!!  (...Actually got a bit dehydrated/sick for a bit, but my friend bought me some water and we went into a lovely cool mall, so I was quickly alright).

The prices for transportation was soooooo cheap!! Even more so than Korea which I already thought was really cheap!! So winning~~~ Basically, even though I adore and love Japan, the one thing I don't love about it is their high-cost transportation fees... Seriously....

Anyways~~  I was able to get quite an AMAZING haul of dolly furniture in the Ladies Market over at Kowloon. And yes, that was the highlight for me, because I'm a nerd like that! =P  And proud.

Seriously though, they had soooooooooo many mini/re-ment/doll sized things I thought my heart would give in due to too much stimuli/WANT!!  And their corner stores are great too! Soooo many gashapon machines!! ='(  

I'm so jelly of Hong Kongers! They have such a great selection of just... STUFF!! And food!! And... Name brand things..? I've honestly never seen so many name-brand stores (multiples of them) in my life... Wow.... I think I've seen at leasdt 3 or 5 Louis Vuittons... And Hermes... etc

I don't envy the humid whether though, but I guess you can't have everything eh?

#hongkong2013 #win